The Pet Shop

We understand that our customers are pet lovers. With this in mind, our pet shop stocks everything you could imagine to make you pet feel like one of the family.

We realise that in today’s world our customers’ lives are filled with competing demands for their time. To make caring for your pets a little easier, our store is laid out to be quick and easy to shop. If you are unable to find a specific product please talk to our experienced Pet Shop team, who are all animals lovers and of course have pets themselves ranging from house cats to snakes. They have a wealth of knowledge, from grooming and care to nutrition and health, so don't be afraid to ask them any questions you have about your pets.

Not only do we stock pet food for a vast range of pets, we also hold a good selection of pet care treatments as we believe that your pets health means your happiness.

Tracey Ryder

Pet Shop Manager

I have worked at Highfield for near 10 years now. After starting in the Planteria I looked after the bedding plants whilst making up hanging baskets and pot

arrangements. I still keep my hand in by potting up customer’s baskets each year. I had my 5 minutes of fame when I was on TV’s Points West talking about the use of spiky plants in the garden to prevent unwanted visitors.

Today I work in the pet shop as Manager, looking after the animals which I love. At home I have 3 lovely house cats, one of which is a rescue stray, who I spent many months trying to gain her trust and now she is a happy girl. All of them are spoilt rotten!

I have bred rabbits and guinea pigs in the past as well as keeping a variety of other pets. I find that my experience in looking after them gives me first-hand information to assist customers with their own problems.

Our feathered friends…

We keep many breeds of chickens, including bantams along with guinea foul. You can even purchase their eggs from our Farm Shop.

As well as poultry, in our pond along side the restaurant, we have a gaggle of geese along with flocks of wild ducks. Relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while watching them, or you can even purchase food and feed them from feeding station.

Large reptile department

We stock a range of reptiles and invertebrates. Including snakes, spiders, bearded dragons, tortoises, frogs, stick insects and even scorpions & millipedes. We also have everything you need to care for your exotic pets, including vivariums, UV and heat lamps plus dietary supplements and also live foods. Don’t be afraid to ask our team any questions about your reptile’s care, some have their own exotic pets therefore have the knowledge and the know how.

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