Beautiful real Christmas Trees are now here!

Come and choose your perfect tree from our large selection of stunning Christmas trees. From 4ft to 7ft with Nordman Fir and Norway Spruce there is something for every home. We even have potted trees if you prefer, which can then be planted in the garden after Christmas.

We will net your tree free of charge for easy transportation home, plus all our trees are undercover so you can take your time in choosing the perfect one.

Don’t forget to pick up your Christmas tree stand, we have various designs and styles available, including wooden and metal.

Nordmann Fir.jpg

Nordmann Fir

The classic Christmas tree, with it’s long, soft dark green needles. This is as an extremely popular variety due to its classic shape and needle holding properties, even as the tree dries out it will drop far few needles. This makes it the most popular variety of Christmas tree by far.



Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmas tree with short, green needles. This is the tree which has historically been brought into homes at Christmas and would often have been grown close by in the surrounding area. When brought inside it brings with it that great pine smell.



Fraser Fir.jpg

Fraser Fir (potted)

Generally a narrower tree, making it perfect for smaller rooms. It has flat, shiny, soft, green needles and brings with it a lovely balsam aroma to fill the room. It too has good needles holding properties.



Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce

Similar to the popular Norway Spruce, the Blue Spruce is best known for its beautiful colour, which varies from silvery-green to a stunning steel blue.




Caring for your Christmas Tree

When putting up your tree, saw a small section off the stump and place it straight into a water holding tree stand. It is important to keep giving your tree plenty of water, a freshly cut tree can drink up to 5 litres of water a day when placed indoors.