Choose your perfect Christmas tree today

We have a wonderful selection of Christmas Trees now available instore!
Choosing the perfect tree is never a decision made lightly! Is it the right shape? Is it the right height? Does it have the right top for the fairy? All essential qualities for a good Christmas tree.

All are dry and kept undercover for easy browsing so no wet trees in the car, plus we will net your tree free of charge for easy transport home. We have various varieties available each with their own great qualities. 

The traditional Christmas tree, strong and sturdy with an excellent shape and a classic Christmas scent.  Small, sharp green needles with ability to withstand cold and damp. Not a needle-fast tree but watering daily will slow the needle drop.
The Nordmann fir is best known for it’s needle holding longevity. It’s foliage is glossy and richly green in colour with a pale grey underside to each needle. The needles are soft to the touch, ideal for centrally heated rooms and for homes with children and pets.
Don’t forget to pick up your Christmas tree stand with your perfect tree!

Caring for your tree
To keep your tree in the best possible condition all through the Christmas period we have a couple of top tips. When putting up your tree saw a small section off the stump and place it straight into a bucket of water in your tree stand. It is important to keep giving your tree plenty of water, a freshly cut tree can drink up to 5 litres of water a day when placed indoors.