Our cut and potted Christmas trees have now arrived so come and choose yours today.

We are proud to stock locally grown trees (within just 30 miles of the garden centre) which are instore within 48 hours of being cut, so all wonderfully fresh! With new deliveries every week in all shapes and sizes, up to 7ft tall, you are sure to find the perfect Christmas tree. From £39.99

Don’t forget to pick up your Christmas tree stand. We have metal as well as wooden box stands.
Or why not go for a potted tree this year? Then after Christmas you can plant the tree in your garden.

Top Tips for Christmas Tree Care

• Keep your tree outside, in the open, until you are ready to put your tree up and decorate it.
• When you bring your tree in, saw a small section off the stump and then place it straight into a water- holding stand or bucket of water (a fresh cut tree can drink up to 5 litres of water a day).
• Try and keep the tree away from a source of direct heat (i.e. a fire or radiator).
• Finally, keep giving your tree a drink of water – you will be amazed at what it can drink!