Now is the time prep your lawn so it can be in tip top condition ready for the Summer months. You can begin to tackle those patches of moss, broad leaf weeds and any area that may need to be overseeded.

As we begin to enjoy warmer weather, this rise in the temperature means grass begins to grow rapidly. It’s a good time to check the mower is working and the blades are sharp, however try to avoid cutting wet or damp grass. If possible just take off the very tops and leave the cut high, giving the lawn a chance to recover between each mow.

Moss can be a real problem for any lawn. After the wet days of winter it thrives in dense patches and competes with your lawn for water and nutrients, especially in shady areas. The best way to remove it is with a normal garden rake, scrapping it from the lawn, this removes enough to apply a moss killer. This should expose any problem patches within the lawn which require extra attention.

Patches in the lawn are very common and can be caused by many things such as heavy footfall or children and pets enjoying the garden in warm weather. There are ways to combat these patches, check out our range of lawn seeds and choose the right product for your garden.

Perfect for households that love their lawn but worry about harsh chemicals. Safe for children and pets this 100% organic fertiliser with added lawn seed is a year round feed which helps prevent weeds and moss and creates a thicker and stronger lawn.