Whether it’s cooking, keeping warm or a feature piece, a firepit is a lovely addition to any garden.
We have many in-stock ready to take away today! Plus, accessories like tongs, grills, tripod racks and more.
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Plain Jane with Swing Arm BBQ Rack

Classic design with modern twist – a swing arm BBQ rack
Available in 50, 60, 70 or 80cm

Saturn Firepit

A sturdy contemporary design. Compatible with a removable swing arm BBQ rack for cooking (optional extra)

Legs Eleven Firepit

Complete with removable swing arm BBQ rack. Great for warm or cooking.
Available in 60 for 70cm

Celeste Firepit

Simple and stylish low firepit. Optional extra accessories available for cooking if desired.
Available in 60, 70 or 80cm

Box D Two Swing Arm BBQ

Stylish rectangular design with two removable BBQ racks for a wide variety of foods.
80cm (firepit 60cm)

Ring of Logs

Elegant, stylish and great of entertaining parties of family and friends. Removable swing arm BBQ rack and storage for logs.

Tilted Sphere Firepit

Unusual and elegant design, with removable swing arm BBQ rack.

Pete’s Oven

Great for pizzas, plus enough oven space for cooking chicken! Also includes removable swing arm BBQ rack for simultaneous cooking on the top.

Fire Bowl & Log Store

A great combination of firebowl and log storage, with swing arm BBQ rack for cooking.