As you know here at Highfield we never stand still, we are always planning and investing in the future. You may have noticed our Planteria is looking a little less full than usual. This is because we are moving the Planteria for a short time for work to commence on our new roof.

Our new Planteria roof will begin construction shortly running until January 2022. The plant area will be expanded to cover around 3,240m2 and will allow us to offer an extensive product range including plants, stoneware, pots and more.
We’re leading the way as we’ll be the first garden centre in this area to have this style of roof on this scale. Being fully lit you’ll be able to browse our products easily all year round.

The state of the art retractable roof means that when it’s sunny, we’ll be able to have the roof open to let the sun in and the heat out to offer a more pleasant shopping experience, whilst still being able to close the roof when it rains for all-weather shopping.

Our new roof will collect rain that falls onto it into a storage tank which can then be used to water our plants. This makes our centre more environmentally friendly and efficient.

While our state of the art new Planteria is under construction, we will have a temporary plant area with a smaller than usual selection of plants available. If you would like to contact us before your visit, we are happy to check the availability of some plants before you make your way to the garden centre.

Whilst we will do our best to avoid disruption, there will, unfortunately, be periods where there will be some changes to our store layout, so please bear with us whilst these works take place.

New Building Progress

Mid-September 2021 – The clearing process begins…

A few days later…

It’s gone… ready for the new…

November 2021 – The new retractable roof taking shape.

December 2021 – The new floor begins to be laid.

January 2022 – Our new Planteria is now partially open!